Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night.

I was in a room full of my friends.
They had all come to visit me and spend time with me.
As I looked around the room I noticed some were missing.
I saw on the far side of the room three of my friends who were sitting with their backs to me working on computers.

I was a little saddened but said nothing.

I walked down a hallway and saw three more friends on computers.
I was hurt because some of them had travelled far to visit yet would rather be on the computer.
I asked if they were going to join me for visiting and was put off with an
'Oh, yes, in just another minute we'll be there.'

To be put off by dear friends that I loved really hurt.

Then I went to another place and saw three more friends.
The room they were in was kinda dark but I could see their faces because a blue light was reflecting on them.
It was the light of a TV they were watching.
I asked if they were coming.
Two of them didn't even notice I was talking but one barely glanced up enough to tell me,
'No, we don't want to miss this show.'

I started to cry.

I cried so hard that it was hard to breath as I walked back to the room of all my waiting friends.

I was so sad.

I was hurt that these other friends of mine would choose to spend their time on the computer and TV and not with me.

I cried so hard in my dream that in real life I heard myself moaning in my sleep.


I awoke suddenly as I heard a gentle, love-filled, yet sorrowful voice quietly say...

This is how you treat me.

Whoever heeds instruction is on the path to life
Proverbs 10:17a

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  1. Oh, Chelsea! How powerful a dream can be! Thanks for sharing. Time to get off the computer, huh?!


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