Thursday, September 8, 2011


Summer has come and is about to go.
Most of the country had droughts but our neck of the woods, here in the Pacific Northwest had mostly rain.
It rained intil the end of July!
Here we are starting September and we still have some nice weather.
We also have smoke from forest fires and school is starting for most people.

We are NOT done with summer yet!

So we are going camping this weekend with our church and enjoying the weather for a few more days.

I'm not quite ready to start schooling yet anyway. I have my homeschool closet organized but not all of our curriculum or schedules put together.

My summer has been busy.

My grandma moved.
My mom was in the hospital a few times.
We had house projects to complete including painting and rearranging rooms for the children, power washing the house (ok, only the driveway got powerwashed, the washer is still sitting in our back yard waiting to wash the house), cleaning out and organizing the garage, not to mention harvesting and canning produce from friends' gardens. (We have a tiny garden but just for small meals, not enough to put up.)

We usually go camping and hiking and biking a lot in the summer but due to the weather we only went camping once at Diamond Lake. It was beautiful but cool and wet at times.
Good memories!

We are going camping again which is perfect except I think we can't have camp fires because of the forest fires going on.
It will still be good memories!

Mostly this summer we have been blessed.
I think my biggest blessing is my family.
Our children are amazing, my husband is loving, sweet and funny, our home is peaceful.
All of this because the Lord is in our life.
Does that mean nothing bad will ever happen to us?
It is just that He is with us no matter what and if anything goes 'wrong' our Lord will sustain us through everything.
I trust Him to give me peace and strength through any storm.
Peter walked on water to Jesus in a storm.
His only mistake was taking his eyes off of Jesus, concerned about the waves and storm and he began to sink.
The Lord still held him.

This blog has been quiet too long.
I'm motivated to keep it updated but computer stuff, facebook and such just aren't a priority to me. Sometimes I wonder if it really matters what I put on here as only 8 people 'follow' this blog. I'm going to continue it because it is good for me to do. I may not be consistant but I will try.
I have a feeling there will be a lot to blog about in the future.