Saturday, November 13, 2010


This is the month of Thanksgiving.

I love November because it reminds me to count my blessings.
To quote Madame Blueberry from Veggie Tales,

"A happy heart is a thankful heart."

I have much to be thankful for and I think the things I value most are relationships.

My relationship with the Lord,
My husband,
Our children,
My extended family,
My church family...

The list goes on.

I adore my husband and respect him in a way I never have before.
The thing that makes me giddy is that he cherishes me!

It wasn't always that way so I am truly thankful.

Dan was helping a friend haul some wood and ended up with a double hernia.
The poor guy has been toughing it out for a couple weeks now and will have to have surgery next Friday.
He's a trooper though.
No complaints coming from him.
So we will be spending the Thanksgiving week low-key while he recovers.

I'm thankful to God that He gave Dan a new job this year that allows him to have paid time off, and that he can return to work on light duty.

Unlike February.

As he goes into his second surgery this year,
I am thinking of how thankful I am for Dan.
He is hard working, loyal, faithful, focused and brings joy to others with his humor.
He balances me as I get too serious at times and I tend to get side tracked easily.
He is everything this woman wants in a man!!

I am blessed beyond measure!

So I have a heart full of thanks!

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  1. So sweet to see you lift up your man! Great words, Chelsea! Love to you, sister.


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