Saturday, January 22, 2011


What can one say about Hawaii?





We probably had one of the best times together as a family.
While home was freezing in the 20s we were basking in 80 degree weather in our shorts and swimsuits.

Truly wonderful.

Our family had two weeks of being constantly together. That isn't new for the children and I but to have Daddy with us all that time was. It really drew us all together even more.

I was so struck by the beauty and natural splendor of the island.

We did a lot of things while we were there.

The first week we got to stay at a really nice resort.

We swam...a lot

We saw waterfalls

Explored a cave

Went to a lighthouse.

This is a coffee plant we saw at a coffee plantation.

Drove to the top of the mountains.

Played at the beach.

Watched the sun set.

We visited with Dan's brother and his family and got to experience the laid back lifestyle of the Hawaiians. We had such a great time but by the end of it all we were ready to come home. We missed our beds, our home, our friends and our family.

It was truly all a blessing.
Now we are refreshed and ready to start back with school and our regular routines.