Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Dan

Then the new Dan showed up.

Things changed drastically.

First, everything was put to the side. The computer, his hobbies, his guitar and even us for a time. It was like he had some catch up time to do with God. He would come home from work and sit down in his chair and READ HIS BIBLE!

He would read for hours!
I kept thinking...'Who are you and what have you done with my husband?'

He started memorizing chapters of scripture, listening to sermons from the web and teaching himself Greek. (He wanted to make sure for himself, that the Bible he was reading was an accurate interpretation of the original scriptures.)

All these things, like scales, started falling off around him. The internet (covetousness for materialism) lost it's hold. He softened toward myself and the children. He saw us as a joy more than an annoyance. Hobbies no longer held any appeal. He started seeing things a whole new way.

He started talking. TALKING! He had something to say! He had so much to tell me about what God was doing, how he was feeling and what he was learning.

He saw how he wanted to be a better father and be purposeful in raising our children. He wanted to lead our family and not just let me take the main responsibility for their character and spiritual training.



He had heard a sermon from Paul Washer on courtship. He and I talked about how we didn't want our kids to date when they were older because of all the traps that one can easily fall into while dating. Our church of 6000 families didn't have a general teaching or thinking about biblical courtship so we didn't know any like-minded families.

So we prayed.

(Did you hear that? We prayed TOGETHER!)

We prayed for God to bring other families into our life that would be on the same track on raising children. Raising children to become adults who are on fire for Christ! Other families who were serious about spiritual growth and spreading the gospel.

Shortly after that, we left the church we had attended together for 15 years and started going to a little church of homeschool families. These families not only were like-minded in raising children, they also really encouraged the men to be leaders and disciplers in their own homes. This was a place that the church is very focused on seeking God in all things and equiping people to obey and follow Him.

Believe it or not, my dear, sweet, quiet husband, who normally didn't have much to say to anyone got to a point that he was actually PREACHING some of the sermons!


Talking in front of about 100 people!

Not just talking, but teaching and preaching from God's word!



Full of joy!

And I am head over heals for this MAN!

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