Wednesday, February 24, 2010


That is all I can say about the past few days/weeks.

I won't go into all the boring details of life around here.

I will say that it has all been for our good!

The second week off from work for Dan proved to be Providential.
He realized quickly that he still needed to recover from the surgery as it is easy to over-do things. During that time he was able to get a FULL medical release from his doctor and return to work after only having two weeks off. He still had to take it easy.

During that 2nd week off, Dan got a call from PGE.
He's been trying to get hired by them for years. He sent yet another application to them a couple months ago. They finally called and said they were interested in him, when could he come in for a test? Well, he wasn't working at the moment so he went in and tested to see if he knew his stuff. The VERY NEXT DAY they called him again, he passed the test and they wanted to set up an interview. He interviewed a couple days later and we just heard yesterday that

We see all of this as God's perfect timing.

First, what seemed like a bummer of having to take time off, was really so Dan could rest longer, he was able to test with PGE and eventually interview, and we learned some wonderful financial and faith lessons.

The timing of this job is perfect because the one he is currently on will be ending soon. The Lord has provided work all along for Dan and so he would have had more work if God wanted him to, but this is a great time for the transition. He won't be leaving anyone high and dry to move into the PGE job.

Our God is so Good!

He should be starting in a couple weeks after PGE does paperwork.

(I forgot to mention that Dan's job with PGE will be as a Dam Maintenance Electrician on the Clackamas River out in Estacada. He loves that kind of work.)

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